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Exclusive Supply Agreement Eu Competition Law

Interchange fees restrict competition: does the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom give a final look at Article 101, paragraph 1, of the TFUE? In a long-running dispute, the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom has finally clarified the effects of multilateral interchange commissions (MIF) (…) For more information on the impact of Brexit on UK competition law, visit the government`s website. The Swedish Competition Authority accepts the obligations of training companies- Bruce is a company that offers training services. The company proposed to limit the use of exclusive contracts with gyms in order to avoid competition problems. The Swedish Competition Authority (…) While trade negotiations for the introduction of the 2021 agreements are already underway, the CEPC has published on its website a recommendation to “face the potential difficulties faced by the professionals concerned in the application of the current contracts due to the health crisis and its (…) The dispute concerned an interim contract between certain individuals and Repsol for a property and a gas station, which included a 25-year exclusive delivery obligation with respect to Repsol and the ability for Repsol to set maximum retail prices. The contract in question was reviewed in 2006 by the European Commission, which concluded that the excessive duration of the exclusivity clause constituted a restriction on competition. As part of the Commission`s decision to commit, Repsol has committed to allow all petrol stations with which it had entered into long-term supply contracts to terminate these contracts, subject to compensation, to Repsol and not to enter into similar agreements in the future. Latvian and Lithuanian competition authorities are teaming up to investigate cross-border infringements- Given the complexity of cross-border infringements of competition law, competition authorities are joining forces to investigate effectively. Example: (…) THE FAS Russia supports the ban on group insurance for banks in this way, the FAS plans to protect the interests of borrowers and competition in the bank insurance market Marine Pishchulina, deputy head of the financial market control department of the FAS (…) 2. Webinar of the “1st Conference on Distribution, Competition and Anti-Competitive Practices” organized by Competitions in partnership with Fidal. Panel with Pierre Chambu (Head of Consumer Protection and Market Regulation, DGCCRF), Anne-Sophie ChonĂ©-Grimaldi (Professor, University of Paris Nanterre), Nathalie Dostert (Vice-President, Paris Commercial Court), Richard Panquiault (Director General, Consumer Business Liaison Institute – ILEC) and Philippe Vanni (Director of Distribution/Competition)