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What Is The Purpose Of An End User License Agreement Brainly

Brainly, a Polish startup that has set up a popular network for students and their parents to advise each other and help each other with homework, has raised $80 million, a D-series that it will use both to continue building the tools it offers students and to be at home in some important emerging markets such as Indonesia and Brazil. The news comes on the heels of spectacular growth for the company, which has increased its user base from 150 million users in 2019 to 350 million today. Brainly can provide software for access to products, services, features, content, information and other materials made available on, by or in conjunction with Brainly Services and/or your Brainly subscriptions via a mobile device, including, but not only, application software (“Mobile Software”). To use mobile software, you need a mobile device compatible with mobile software. Brainly does not guarantee that mobile software is compatible with your mobile device. You can use mobile data related to mobile software and you can charge your mobile operator extra for these services. You accept that you are solely responsible for these costs. Subject to compliance with these conditions, Brainly hereshes with a non-exclusive, non-transferable license that can be revoked for the use of a copy of code compiled from Mobile Software for an account on a mobile device that is yours exclusively or exclusively yours, for your personal use. The terms Brainly and brainly.com as well as other Brainly brands and service brands, as well as all associated logos, names, product and service names, designs and related slogans are the trademarks of Brainly or its related companies or licensees. You cannot use these marks without Brainly`s prior written consent. All other names, logos, product and service names, designs and slogans on Brainly Services are trademarks of their respective owners.

Tutoring, he says, is something That Brainly has already flown in silence and has performed about 150,000 sessions so far. With such a large user base, Borkowski said, large-scale start-run services, while still keeping them in effective testing mode. When registering, each user receives a fixed amount with which questions are asked. Users can earn points by answering questions from others. Using certain parts of Brainly Services requires you to create and manage a username and password (together “User Information”). You are asked to create unique user credentials that you can only use. You understand and recognize that anyone with knowledge of your user`s information can have access to all the information, including your personal data stored in the password-protected part of Brainly Services. You agree to keep your password secret, notify us if your password is lost or compromised, and be solely responsible for the privacy and use of your user information. Brainly can offer a free trial version of Brainly Services. The free trial period lasts for the specified period during the connection and should allow potential and existing users to experience brainly`s services. Permission to participate in free trial files is determined by Brainly at its sole discretion and we may limit permission or duration to avoid free test abuse. Prices for brainly services may change.

We reserve the right to revoke the free trial and freeze your account if we discover that you are not allowed. We may use information such as payment method or an account email address to determine permission to use the free trial version. ON THE COURSE OF THE FREE TRIAL PERIOD, YOU AUTOMATICALLY DEVIEZ IN A RenewING, PAID BRAINLY subscription IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE TERMS OF THIS SECTION UNLESS YOU OPT OUT AND/OR CANCEL VITING YOUR BRAINLY ACCOUNT SETTINGS AND CLICKING ON CANCEL TRIAL/SUBSCRIPTION LINK OR BY EMAILING BRAINLY AT [email PROTECTED] PRIOR TO THE EXPIRATION OF YOUR FREE TRIAL.