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Zendesk Ticket Sharing Agreement

Is it possible for the receiving account to have internal comments that were added to a ticket before it was released? If so, how? Thank you for your response. Company A (the lender) opens a release agreement with Debitor B. It is not possible to rename an account in an existing sharing agreement. Take the next steps to find a way around the problem. Are there any updates for this, plans to improve ticket-sharing functionality? Business and business customers can use the following conditions in triggers, automatisms and views. These conditions may vary depending on the rights-sharing agreements: Can I search for “only shared tickets” in the search bar? What are the characteristics of shared tickets to include/exclude them in (advanced) searches Currently, syncing comments is an all-or-nothing setting… there is no way to analyze public or private granular comments. Similarly, ticket-sharing drop-down files are not fields that can be added or deleted from certain forms. Good proposal, but… Maybe we`ll see that in future iterations! You can create a view of tickets generated from ticket sharing, as in this example: You can share tickets for other accounts via your support account. And these other accounts can share their tickets with your account. They establish sharing agreements with other accounts and indicate the conditions under which the release can take place and how the released notes are managed. Tickets created on your support account via ticket sharing can be referenced as conditions in automatisms, triggers and views.

The condition updated via also includes ticket sharing as value. The product`s ticket-sharing features have always been a bit bumpy and less documented than ideally. Indeed, the implementation of the “Networked Help Desk” sharing application in the product you encountered has virtually no documentation other than the bit you found in this article and the link below to this project in Github. Will, it seems to be working for me right now, the sandbox at a regular account. I think it would be best to send a ticket to our support team to see why this doesn`t work for you. 4. All other standard ticket fields must be shared on Zendesk accounts. A note should be a single source of truth.