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Agreement Marathi Mahiti

The main difference between Home “regional” fertilizer stick (sale agreement) and the purchase of fertilizer (sale) is that the sale agreement is an agreement to buy income in the future. The conditions under which income is transferred to the buyer are specified. The Transfer of Ownership Act of 1882, which controls the process of selling and transferring income, defines cane fertilizer as follows. “); e.document.close () “The cover “architecture” article ” Cachet and registration contract Real estate prices and registration Two important terms are to be respected. Tanmay Ketkar | October 8, 2016 06:33 There are different types of real estate transfers. The transfer of real estate is possible in different ways, such as Z.B. purchase and sale, leasing, long-term rental, mortgage, gift, price. The transfer of ownership stipulated that a formal agreement had to be reached and that the agreement should also be registered. The transfer of ownership does not take place without a formal agreement.