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Atda National Agreement

“We are pleased that ATDA members have confirmed the commitment of their leaders to the negotiation process,” said A. Kenneth Gradia, Chair of the National Carrier Conference Committee (NCCC), representing the railways. “We hope that we will soon achieve similar ratification results from the other unions in this coalition. These agreements should serve as a model for resolving national negotiations with other railway unions. We will proudly go through this round of national negotiations, not only in solidarity with BLET, but also with an unprecedented group that includes the American Train Dispatchers Association, Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen, International Association of Machinists, International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, National Conference of Firemen – Oilers/SEIU, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Transport Workers Union of America and Transport Communications Union. I look forward to joining BLET President Dennis Pierce and the leadership of the other unions in our coordinated bargaining coalition as we move forward in this process. The unions formed by the Coordinated Bargaining Coalition are: the American Train Dispatchers Association (ATDA); The Brotherhood of Locomotive and Railway Drivers / Teamsters Rail Conference (BLET); The Brotherhood of Railway Messengers (BRS); International Association of Machinists (IAM); The International Boiler Brotherhood (IBB); National Firefighters Conference/SeiU (NCFO); The International Brotherhood of Electricity Workers (IBEW); Transport Workers Union of America (TWU); the Transportation Communications Union /IAM (TCU), including the TCU`s Carmen Brotherhood Railway; and the transport division of the International Association of Worksheet Workers, Air, Rail and Transport (SMART-TD). In related news, CSXT will not be part of the national negotiations, except in health and wellness. With regard to wages and rules, SMART-TD and CSX agreed to start local negotiations on behalf of railway workers from 21 January 2020. The unions are: the American Train Dispatchers Association; the brotherhood of locomotive drivers and railway workers; The Brotherhood of Road Maintenance; The Brotherhood of Railway Signal Men; The International Association of Machinists and Aeronautics and Space Workers; International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers, Mechanical Division; International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers, Transportation Division; The International Boiler Brotherhood; The International Brotherhood of Electricity Workers; Fireman District National Conference – Oilers, Local 32BJ, SEIU; Transport Communications Union (IAM); and the transport workers` union. On November 20, the presidents of the SMART Transportation Division (SMART-TD) worked on railways represented by the National Carrier Conference Committee (NCCC), the changes proposed by smart-TD to agreements on wages, normal conditions and working conditions.

In accordance with the provision of the moratorium in the last national agreement, today was the first day that the airlines had the opportunity to open the next round of national negotiations and negotiate a new agreement, and they served us accordingly this morning. “This round of negotiations has brought its unique challenges, ranging from an arms agreement to an agreement to a first agreement after the 2016 presidential elections,” said BRS W. President.