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Bottling Agreement Template

Labelling is different for each customer. Some require complicated shapes or hard-to-use substrates and adhesives. As such, each customer pays a different price per bottle. So we made it simple. Difficulty – more time. It makes it easier to apply an hourly rate because the easier the application, the more flow and the cheaper per bottle it becomes. Labelling, whether fully delivered by hand or doubled (up to 1500 bph) is charged at $30 per man`s hour if it spends outside your daily/half-day filling time. The execution of the contract hires another company (known as a contract packer) to fill your product for you. 4. Delivery 4.1 All products are delivered to the factory. Collecting and delivering to other premises, such as warehouses. B, customer premises or the resale of customer premises, is the responsibility of the customer. 4.2 The type of delivery is the customer`s responsibility: (a) the customer must take the products from the delivery location during the supplier`s opening hours within 5 business days, if the supplier informs the customer that the products are ready or that the storage costs may be incurred as agreed (b) if the pickup exceeds 5 business days.

4.3 If, for any reason other than condition 5.3 (a), the customer does not withdraw all or one of the products, if he is ready in accordance with condition 4.2 (a), unless such a failure or delay is due to a force majeure event or non-compliance with his obligations under the contract: (a) the danger in the products is transferred to the customer (including losses or damages, unless the storage has been the subject of an explicit written agreement between the parties, in which case the supplier will store the products until collection and the customer will retain all associated costs and costs (including insurance, transportation and repair costs); and b) the supplier may resell or resell some or all of the property and , after deducting reasonable storage and sales costs, charge the customer for a possible reversal of the price of the products or charge the customer for a possible maintenance below the price of the products. 4.4 The customer is not entitled to refuse products if the supplier provides up to 10% more or less than the quantity of product ordered, but a proportionate correction will be made after receiving the customer`s notice that the incorrect quantity of products has been delivered. If the customer has paid for the products in advance, the supplier will reimburse (by credit) to the customer the price paid for the unsurable products. 4.5 The price is, unless the parties agree, for: a) Regarding the supply of products: only bottling services. The price is composed of ingredients for the recipe, packaging suitcases and packaging materials (bottles, labels and special caps.) b) Regarding the provision of services: the services mentioned in the order. The price is without additional tests that the customer can request or recommend or make necessary. 4.6 Goods to be supplied by the supplier must be agreed in writing and clearly provided by the parties prior to production. 4.7 Packaging suitcases and packaging materials supplied by the supplier, unless otherwise agreed in writing, must only provide adequate protection during normal transit conditions of the normal duration.

16. General disposal 16.1 Disposals and other transactions (a) The supplier may at any time transfer, transfer, mortgage, incriminate, sub-treat or otherwise act in any way, at any time, of any or any of its rights or obligations arising from the contract. (b) Without the supplier`s prior written consent, the customer may not transfer, transfer, mortgage, incriminate, sign a contract, declare a declaration of trust or otherwise act through one or all of its rights or obligations. 16.2 Full Contract The contract (including these conditions) constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and replaces and removes all agreements, commitments, assurances, guarantees, assurances and agreements between them, in writing or orally, with respect to their purpose.