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China Saudi Arabia Agreement

Aramco has also signed an agreement to buy a 9 percent stake in Zhejiang Petrochemical, saudi state news agency SPA said. He formalized a previously announced plan to acquire a stake in a 400,000 bpd refinery and a petrochemical plant in Zhoushan, south of Shanghai. Some cooperation agreements signed during the forum focused on the Kingdom`s target sectors, such as applications. B Renewable energy. These agreements include the cooperation agreement between the General Investment Authority and Goldwind International Holdings, which aims to promote cooperation and consultation in the development of investments in wind turbines through the manufacture of electrical control devices, wind turbines, turbine shovels and wind turbines, for an estimated investment of $18 million. Saudi Arabia signed 35 economic cooperation agreements with China worth a total of 28 billion at a joint investment forum during the visit, Saudi state state news agency SPA said. The agreement between the Kingdom`s National Unified Procurement Company (NUPCO) and China`s Beijing Genome Institute will allow the kingdom to conduct up to 60,000 tests per day, some of them in a single inflatable mobile laboratory. The first diplomatic visit between Saudi Arabia and the People`s Republic of China took place in 1999, when the President of the People`s Republic of China, Jiang Zemin, visited Riyadh, leading to the mutual signing of the 1999 Strategic Oil Cooperation Agreement. The agreement provided that the PRC would open its oil refinery sector to Saudi Arabia if Saudi Arabia allowed Chinese investors to explore and develop development opportunities. [19] Although the agreement served as a starting point for bilateral relations, the outcome of the agreement was weak, as China was unable to use most of the acid crude oil supplied by Saudi Arabia`s new reserves in Chinese refineries. [20] “The large number of tests in this agreement clearly shows that the kingdom is in a race against time to diagnose and work cases in order to isolate them in order to reduce the risks of this pandemic,” said Dr.

Abdullah Al-Rabeeah, chairman of the Saudi Negotiation and Purchasing Commission. Al-Rabeeah and Chinese Ambassador Chen Weiqing witnessed the signing of the agreement between the two companies. After stops in Pakistan and India, Mohammed bin Salman arrived in China, where the Khashoggi case was never discussed.