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Housing Nominations Agreement

Housing Allowance: The responsibility of registered claimants to assist the local housing authority in the management of appointments has been implemented by the Council on the Choice Based Lettings (CBL) system and on the housing allocation policy to ensure that applicants to the Council`s housing register have access to residential real estate. This partnership is coming to an end and is being replaced by new property allocation schemes. The formalized rules in the appointment agreement will ensure the consistency and feasibility of a procedure for applicants to access social housing in the Council`s housing register and reduce the potential risk of a confusing system having a significant impact on homeless households and housing needs” in areas where local housing needs are reflected in local planning criteria for affordable housing. Appointment agreements should provide 50% or more of actual nullity for appointments (agreed percentages may be much higher in areas where housing is stressed). Here we outline the legal and regulatory framework that outlines the role of registered providers in the allocation of social housing and some practical advice in carrying out this role. “When a local housing authority requires it, [a privately registered social housing provider] of a registered social landlord, it must cooperate to the extent that, in the circumstances, it is appropriate to provide housing to priority persons under the local authority allocation scheme.” approve appointment rules for the allocation of social and affordable rental housing to ensure that the Council`s legal obligations are met by housing providers. Subject of report 1.1. The report calls on nuneaton and bedworth Borough Council to approve the adoption of a new appointment agreement between the Council and housing companies that provide affordable housing in Borough. Our housing team has experience working for social housing advisory and registration service providers in various areas of housing management, including homelessness and allocation. We work primarily with housing companies that have acquired their portfolios through LSVT as such, which have legal and contractual obligations to support the Council in terms of homelessness and allowance.