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This Account Has Violated The Steam Terms Of Service Agreement

A blocked Steam account does not mean that the VAC account has been suspended. For more information about the VAC system, see this article. As soon as this restriction expires, you can exchange items and reuse the community market. I want to get to the bottom of this nonsense, because I have never been involved in any fraud/hoax/stealing accounts. Recently, I received an offer from a whole series of items from a friend of mine who claimed to have bought everything from someone. (like steam, csgo and tf2 items), he wanted to give it to me as a virtual gift for my last birthday. We all know how viral objects can leave for real money, so I have no idea what happened? I know that if your account has stolen items, it can be mixed, but I imagine that the items will be removed and the entire account will not be blocked? It`s kind of strange because my friend had this ban too, so it was a chained event? If I had exchanged these items, would the person from ANOTHER be blocked? How is this going to work? Funding platform, but we will be refunded before this account violates Steam`s terms of use, unless a legally prescribed Steam support can remove this restriction from your account. These security features cannot be bypassed. This account has been identified by Steam support for violating the terms of use. The purchase, donations, trade, purchase and sale of items on the Community market and activation of CD key items have been disabled. “Hello, the account in question is ——-. I am the owner of such an account, and I received a steam support warning today: This is clearly a flaw in your system, it seems, as trades for nothing in return can lead to these bans? Because that`s how you define it? WHAT IF even by chance the account that just had a number of items exchanged for real money was hacked directly after, then made a support ticket for a deleted account? So get a merchant back to a kidnapper right away? Don`t use Steam accounts you didn`t create.

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