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Quota Arrangement Scheduling Agreement

In the list of sources, I assigned the agreement. Souce list is MRP note, if I do not assume contract numbers of schediling to creditors in the source list, the delivery plans will not be updated. Delivery of the total quantity of materials indicated in a delivery plan item is distributed, over a given period, in a delivery plan consisting of lines indicating individual quantities, with expected delivery dates. But if I use quota agreements, if the system finds the credit point in the quota agreements, it will not even look at the list of sources. Check the preparation time of the product. The start date of the purchase number can be set at the validity date of the appointment agreement and the quota agreement. Contingent arrangement selected in MRP2 tested by MMR with the MRP indicator. I use the type of. 2. MM02 – check the field u2018Quota arrangement usageu2019 material master. You will find this field in the Disposition 4 tab and the value should be 3 or 4. In your case, you have 2 credits and 2 delivery plans, by managing the data of the two delivery plans in the source list, you will get the layout to trigger calendar lines for each delivery plan based on the percentages managed in the source list. Hello Imran, Can you adjust your settings to md02? Only to confirm that you are running calendar agreements with the “Establish Calendar Agreements” option or that you are creating appointments in the selected open period.

The quota agreement allocates the total needs of materials into certain sources of supply, i.e. lenders, and then allocates a quota to each source. See: help.sap.com/erp2005_ehp_04/helpdata/EN/3b/66596eda7b11d1b630000e8a7 38dc/frameset.htm-Source List and Quota Arrangement- Create a source list data set for each planning item and set the Material Planning Relevance Indicator to 2 (Check SA as a fixed resource). Materials planning then constantly updates the overall delivery plan. If you have multiple plans to deliver equipment, use the quota agreement to distribute the needs among the different borrowers. If you do not assign the delivery plan numbers to the source list, you will tell the system to generate associated order requests (if the layout key is 1) and the layout key is 2, then you must assign delivery plan numbers. Depending on the need, a certain material can be purchased by different suppliers. In this way, the total needs of a material are distributed to different creditors, i.e. the quota is allocated to each source of supply. This is called the quota system. The main points to remember about the quota system are: I would like to say that I have maintained quota agreements, but I have not kept a list of sources.

I also have two agreements for equipment for two lenders. Now when I turn the MRP system will generate 2 PR. I want the system to generate divisions based on the delivery plans I have in the system. How can I create a system for this? Mandatory recruitment prior to the establishment of a quota is to maintain the information set and source list of the materials concerned. In addition, the boxes in the source list and the use of quotas should be activated in the strain of the material. This adjustment can be made in the materials master under TCode MM03. Check the purchase view for the use of quotas and the source list. The setting of the quota system is maintained. Hello All, I try to create scheduline lines automatically over layout for the delivery plan. When I direct MRP (MD02), the `A` status is displayed for the corresponding hardware in MD04.

I click with the right mouse button on the hardware and `convert PR to PO`, it leads me to the delivery plan window, but I can`t see the plan lines that have been created. The following settings have been maintained: 1. Establishes a delivery plan 2. The source list well maintained with a fixed supplier and with layout setting `2` The hardware is an AFS equipment Any help is much appreciated. Looks, Imran If you don`t assign delivery plan numbers to the ME01 (source list management), the system doesn`t generate a class