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Tva Power Purchase Agreement

David Wade, President of Chattanooga EPB, said during his work on this long-term partnership: “The EPB has emphasized the need for local energy companies to have as much flexibility as possible to offer innovative energy solutions to our customers. The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) announced that First Solar and Origis Energy would develop 212 MW of solar power to obtain the commitment of the Knoxville Utilities Board (KUB) in March 2020. KUB uses the TVA Green Invest programme to achieve this goal. TVA modelled Green Invest after working with Facebook and Google, starting in 2018 to identify new renewable energy solutions for the region`s computing centers. Green Invest is available to local companies in the energy sector, as well as for companies and industrial customers, in the field of VAT utilities. The program uses long-term agreements to build new large renewable energy facilities in the valley through a competitive tendering process. Perry said THE VAT was already talking to a dozen local energy suppliers about possible new energy sources distributed. TVA announced on Monday that it was offering a more flexible sales contract to local electricity companies such as Chattanooga`s DerEPB, which have signed long-term contracts to buy most of their electricity from VAT. After an environmental assessment and public audit this year, TVA said its distributors will now allow its distributors to build their own solar farms or other power generation facilities to handle some of their electricity load. As part of the initiative, TVA entered into a 20-year power purchase agreement (PPA) to acquire the 177 MW Ridgely Energy Farm issue in Lake County, TN. Thanks to this agreement, TVA now has a total of 404 MW of projects developed by First Solar. Opdenergy`s Simpson County Solar Project has been one of many projects TVA has selected in recent months as part of a tendering process.

Some of these projects support the Agency`s Green Invest program, which aims to help large customers and local energy companies achieve sustainable development goals. Spanish electricity producer Opdenergy SA has secured the production of a 90 MW photovoltaic installation project in Kentucky under a long-term aerating contract with the Tennessee Valley Authority. For the first time in its 87-year history, the Tennessee Valley Authority allows municipal plants and cooperatives that distribute VAT electricity to generate up to 5% of their own electricity and sell it directly to their customers. It also follows the activities of Gulf Power and southern Company subsidiaries Georgia Power and Alabama Power for Oklahoma Windkraft. According to a set of principles approved Thursday by VAT managers, the federal government will give more flexibility to the 154 municipalities and energy cooperatives that buy their power and sign new long-term contracts with the federal energy supplier.