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Agreement Marathi Mahiti

“); e.document.close () } The cover “Architecture” Article ” Stamp of agreement and registration Stamps and registration Real estate price two important terms must be respected. Tanmay Ketkar | October 8, 2016 06:33 there are different types of real estate transfers. The transfer of real estate is possible in several ways, for example.B. Purchase and sale, rental, long-term rental, mortgage, gift, price. The transfer of ownership stated that a formal agreement should be concluded and the agreement should also be registered. The property is not legally transferred in the absence of a formally registered agreement. The ownership contract is calculated before registration by the government with stamp duty and registration fees. Stamp duty and registration fees are an important source of revenue for the government. Regardless of the nature or duration of the agreement, the agreement cannot be registered without formally paying stamp duty on that agreement.

Two important concepts must be taken into account when it comes to real estate prices. This is the price of the contract and the price of the state. The value of the contract is the price at which the transaction of a property is actually fixed. If stamp duty is levied only on the basis of the value of the contract, this will deliberately increase the tendency to mention low prices in the tax in order to save money, which not only harms government revenues, but will also increase dirty money. To avoid this, stamp duty is applied at a price higher than that of the State or at the contract price. . . .