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Ampla Model Joint Operating Agreement

General Terms and Conditions (Wholesale) This agreement is dated and is concluded between 1 (company number) (the broker) having its registered office and 2 Glemham Underwriting Limited (company number 5509907) This example contract is intended for use in non-complex mining projects in French-speaking Africa, mainly in open pit mining. It can be adapted for deep underground mining. This is a basic service agreement covering all or part of an ongoing mining operation and mining operation. The example contains pro forma calendars that reflect a typical contractor operations manual and are included only as an example. In a given case, a party may have its own clauses, schedules or preferential forms that may be inserted in the corresponding part of the agreement. The Petroleum Joint Operating Agreement example covers all the normal basic rules when an unregistered joint venture advances from the exploration phase to the valuation, production, processing and purchase of oil, as well as for remediation and tasking, including a full accounting procedure, a cross-security example and the financier`s example agreement. JOA oil can be used for oil and gas, including coal gas, projects under the law of a state or internal territory in Australia or in offshore waters. There are also examples of alternative and optional clauses that are designed so that they can fit smoothly into the basic example and can also be used in conjunction with JOA oil. 14, any claims, applications or proceedings relating to Native Title Rights accepted by the Native Title Tribunal or its registrar under the Native Title Act 1993 (Cth) or Native Title Interests; or claims, applications or procedures relating to the interests of native securities. Native Title Interests covers the rights, interests and legal protection of Aboriginal and Aboriginal people, as defined in the relevant laws of the nominated State or the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Heritage Protection Act 1984 (Cth). Native Title Rights has the same meaning as the expressions Native Title or Native Title Rights and Interests in accordance with section 223(1) of the Native Title Act 1993 (Cth) and includes native title interests.

natural gas means oil in the gaseous state at atmospheric pressure and temperature and includes all liquid or liquefied hydrocarbons or other impurities produced in combination with that gaseous oil, whether obtained from oil reservoirs or coal seams, but excludes crude oil, condensate and natural gas liquids mixed with heavier hydrocarbons. . . .